24 August 2014


"Today I have learned that in life , there are some things that we have to see, then we can feel it . Because no things can describe the beauty - even pictures. So thats why I want to go and explore as many new places as I could. To see and to feel the beauty. Because sometimes pictures alone cannot explain the beauty."

I woke up pretty early today, as early as my usual working day even though its Sunday. Have a cold bath and got my camera and bicycle out. My bicycle is not that good however, which I recently realised and I planned to buy a new, better bicycle (waaaa kaya nyaaa nak beli beskal baru kah kah kah).

creepy nyo tengok kaki sendiri. kotot moleppp

I would say that cycling is one of many things that could makes me happy apart of driving. I love to cycle and drive! I'd love to be lost in my own thoughts when I cycle or drive , and I'm okay not to talk when I'm driving, I'd never get bored driving jadi kalau naik kereta dengan aku its okay for the passenger (s) to sleep, takpe tak payah nak acah acah cetuskan perbualan supaya aku tak mengantuk ke apa, korang tido je la k, haha. 

I too, has used to be alone. I mean kalau ada geng nak cycling (or ape ape bende kerja lah) its good , but if there's no one around but still I want to cycle then its okay for me to cycle alone. I am the type that won't cancel my plan if others are not going to make it. I would be fine alone. Because, happiness comes from within. We can't depends on others to be happy. 

I love the concept of REBT counselling theory, that stated "why should we depends on other people to be happy?" I personally accept the concept. I mean, yes people come and go in our life. Appreciate people around us, but always remember that happiness should come within ourself. If there are people (family or friends) who is willing to give love to us, then we should appreciate them. But, if there's none, than its okay. We still have ourself. We still have Allah with us. By not living under people's expectation, we'll be happy no matter what challenges or problem or heartbreaks or bad condition we're in. Tak ada lah kes kurang kasih sayang ke ape k, sebab kita yang memberi kasih sayang kepada diri sendiri.

There's flower everywhere in Kabong right now that I feels like its a waste not to keep this as a memory, so I brought along my camera and captured something. Enjoice!

Every things will come to an end , so appreciate while you still have the chance!

70 cents for a cup of fine coffee mudahnya aku terhibur adakah expectation hidup aku terlalu rendah haha? 

Masa nak balik terjumpa anak anak murid , pendek cikgu nye pon hahah byeee sehingga berjumpa lagi dalam entri-entri random yang akan datang. 

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