12 December 2009

Serigala Jadian Di Bawah Bulan Purnama

I’m currently reading New Moon right now. No, I didn’t buy the book, but thanks to 4shared, that I’ve downloaded the ebook pdf version of new moon. ABSOLUTELY FREE! Not just the new moon you know, but I’ve downloaded all 4 series of twilight saga - twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn. I never had time to read, until today.

Werewolf has never been this cool ;)

Most Twilight die-hard-fans have been torn to choose between Edward and Jacob. I’m not a fan, though. But I’m absolutely on team Jacob. A wolf who knows how to ride a bike (he should apply circus for that) and even, he asks Bella Swann to ride the bike with him. How friendly and nice is that, for a wolf, I mean. Anyway, who wants Edward the-pale-looking-guy that 99% resemblance to Pontianak-Harum-Sundal-Malam skin? Nahh, no sweat, cos Jocob’s here. (tetibe teringat biskut Jacobs yang kotaknya kaler kuneng)

PS: masa semester 2 aku selalu melawak ngan nadia, bahawa aku pernah kena gigit dengan serigala masa kecik-kecik dulu dekat bahagian lutut. Oleh sebab itu, aku macam disumpah dan akan bertukar jadi serigala jadian setiapkali nampak bulan purnama. Aku akan ketar-ketarkan tangan sikit, terbeliakkan mata macam dan keluarkan bunyi pelik macam baca jampi. Dulu aku buat depan Nadia je, tapi bila dia mula takut dengan aku dan ingat aku dah hilang waras, dia bagitau kawan-kawan lain terus aku tak buat macam tu dah sekarang.


mother said...

kool giler...pasni bole la gigit aku lak...boleh idop sampai kiamat...hehe...


♥ s y i r a ♥ said...

ko tau tak fauzan, ak br bace separuh cite tuh. bosa, sebab citer tu slow.
cane pun tak leh lawan harry potter. hp jugak yg best.

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