30 October 2011


i wish i didn't lose my memory

i wish i could capture everyone's face into my long-term memory and keep it inside my heart, forever.  

today was my last day at work. i'm not a career woman anymore (ha!) and officially unemployed.

and now is the time to focus on my study. 

27 October 2011

Historical City of Malacca

I went to Melaka a few days ago. A 1-day-trip (can I say, backpacking trip?). It was unplanned. The idea came across my mind the night before. I realise that I cannot spend the weekend in the library since its mid-semester break and the library is closed. So why not I go out for an outing to test my new Lomo Sardina? And why not doing somewhere out of town? ALONE?

challenge accepted

It was a beautiful day. The skies was perfect blue and the flowers are blooming. What else can i ask for? 

cycling across town

I did em' all ! In just one day. Yay!

#1 Some beautiful flowers near Stadhuys building

With some limited budget, I load my Sardina with Lomography Chrome 100 film and ready for action. HAHA exaggerate much? Ok lets get serious. I departed from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) by bus to Malaka at 10am sharp. The one-way ticket cost me RM12.50 for a single-window-seat (single-window-seat=foreveralone much). The journey took almost 2 hours. I didn't sleep though. I just spend the whole time looking through the window. Since it's a budget-travelling, I bring some tuna sandwiches from my college ;) I arrived at Melaka Sentral around 1140am, and since its located quite far from the center of the city, I have to get a Town Bus that cost RM1.

The Town Bus will passed through the city's attraction. I got down near Stadhuys building. There were so many people at that time - tourist, small skids, trishaw-uncles. I guess because it's Sunday, so there's market selling stuffs along the building side. The environment was lively and colorful. Hey , some of my pictures are from digital cam, while some others are from my lomo toycam.

Sunday Market near Stadhuys :
[all picture taken using La Sardina camera]


The cute fridge magnets look cute and colorful , but I didn't buy any though. Reminds myself everytime , that this is A BUDGET TRAVEL so please spend wisely. However, the weather getting really hot that I forced myself to buy a cute straw hat for only RM10. From Stadhuys buildings I went to the Jonker Street. Actually I don't know where am I going (its a spontaneous trip anyways) I don't even have map or GPS, I just walk and walk around without having worries that I've might get lost or anything. I've always love sightseeing and walking so I just walk where my hearts guide me to. chewah.

[all picture taken using La Sardina camera]

Jonker Street is sooo beautiful. In fact i think every part of the town is beautiful in terms of culture. One of the reason I went to Melaka is because of Jonker Street. I love the retro, Colonial architecture of the shop buildings along the street. 80% of people here was Chinese, or foreigner tourists. The shops sell various things like art pieces, handicraft, local foods (ice kacang, peanuts, etc etc) and I walk for almost one hour before I reached this statue, finally took out my digital cam and snap(after lots of film-shooting). My first digital picture actually starts here. how pathetic.

#2 the Jonker Street statue. 

(...and the journey continues)

#3 Me camwhoring, getting all sweaty. Can U see my forehead sweating ? LOL

#4 Some park with animal statues

#5 Around the 'Jonker Walk' statue gate

#6 Nice gate

#7 Antique furnitures

#8 Chinese 'Tanglung' hanging from the ceiling

#9 The weather was almost perfect. Sunny and beautiful clouds everywhere! Can u see the clouds? Om nom nom nom.

#10 This photo is courtesy of a little boy wearing Angry Bird shirt who help me with the camera.

#11 The buildings

#12 Saloon which looks like a house

#13 Beautifully craft building

#14 Baba house

#15 Beautiful Hotel Puri

#16 White Mansion

#18 Random

#19 Gate

#20 Another random picture outside an art shop

#21 Moo Moo deco in a coffee shop along the street.

#22 Walls

#23 I accidentally got lost inside a hotel near Melaka River and couldn't find my way out

#24 This is the wall of the hotel.

#25 Hard Rock Cafe

[all picture taken using La Sardina camera]

#26 After managed to get out from the hotel , I found myself at the heart of the city with lots of trishaw passing in front of me.

#27 Then I rent a cute yellow bicycle from Menara Taming Sari Tourism Centre (found by luck) that cost RM3 for one hour ride, with RM20 deposit that will be given back upon returning the bicycle. The tourism centre is just around the Taming Sari spinning tower , its very easy to reach here.

#28 I look retarded LOLS. Try not to imagine myself riding the bike like a real mad woman around the busy-ness of the city. Ok stop laughing now. 

#29 Seriously it was one amazing feeling I ever had. The weather is quite hot. Breezy hot. But its okay to embrace the sunshine. I realize that my face became so tanned after I reach home. Ceh kau bajet diri kau putih nak tanned-tanned? Padahal takde perubahan pun.

#30 Then I saw this uncle crafting on something, so I stopped my bike and greet him. And ask him if i could take a photo :)

#31 I stopped at an Art Shop. The owner is a lady, an English teacher in a primary school. She sells art pieces from local artist. She thought that I'm some random 16-year-old girl playing bicycle around the neighborhood and advice me this and that about safety, not to travel alone yada yada yada

#32 I've asked them to lowered the sitting pad so my feet can touch the ground

#33 Anddd the last thing I visit (its almost 530pm I guess) is the ever-famous A Famosa statue.

Then I hands on the bicycle , get the Town Bus and went to the bus terminal. Heading back to KL. All tired phew. But of course , I have fun to the max. Too bad I have no chance to try Malacca famous Cendol and  foods (because I don't know where, plus I spend too many times on sight seeing). Next time, maybe. 

Goodbye Malacca! Till we meet again next time! :) 

The Epic Day

seminggu ni sempena cuti mid-sem aku buat part time dekat Mekdi. part time terakhir barangkali. bulan depan aku dah busy dengan final year project. dalam seminggu ni jugak aku masuk average pukul 9 pagi dan balik pukul 5 petang. sampai kolej dekat-dekat Maghrib. Online sekejap (menipu sekejap! padahal lama) lepastu, tidor. 

tapi pagi tadi aku tido lambat sikit sebab menulis artikel. lepas Subuh baru aku sempat tido sejam, boleh? sedar-sedar je dah pukul 738. so bangun, aku bersiap secepat kilat supaya sempat kejar bas. serius lembik gile nak pegi keje. PENAT! even sebelum ni aku dah keje 6 bulan dekat Mekdi tu daripada cuti sem lepas, aku tak pernah rase penat dan lembik sebelum nak pegi keje macam harini. #RASE LEMBIK GILE MACAM JELLY!!!

aku sampai KTM Mid dalam 915pagi. sepatutnya masuk keje pukul 9. nak jalan pergi ke Mekdi yang letaknye diceruk Mid tu, makan masa lagi. tengah jalan tu tibe-tibe aku teringat semalam adik aku yang form5 nak ambik SPM ade post dekat wall Facebook aku. ayat dia, "i love u, sis... nyte... put me in ur doa" simple je tapi mendalam masuk ke jiwa. sebab adik aku tak pernah nak cakap sayang-sayang ni. tambah-tambah lagi dia nak SPM tak lama dah kot. macam dia mintak supaya aku doakan kejayaan dia. masa aku ondaway jalan tu aku rase touching gile bila ingat balik. sampai menitis air mata. tak boleh nak control doh. haha. sambil jalan, sambil menangis sok sek sok sek. masa tu kedai2 belum bukak, orang pun takde. taktaula knape #tibe2 nak emo. padahal tak PMS pon. aku macam, dia tak perlu nak suruh aku doakan dia kot, sebab setiap masa aku doakan adik-adik aku supaya berjaya. :"( 

sampai store Mekdi dalam 930, mata aku bengkak dah. aku cuak takut diorang gelakkan aku mata bengkak sebab terlebih tido ke ape. tapi lain pulak jadinye. dekat kaunter ada manager aku sorang je. and dekat kitchen pun ade sorang je. AIK. MANA SEMORANG? ingatkan ade yang pegi delivery (ambik stok barang dekat bawah) rupenye ada yang noshow. memang diorang 2 orang je. aku duduk dekat kaunter, pagi-pagi tu takpe takde orang. yang datang sorang, dua orang. tapi dalam 10 lebih aku dah berpeluh dahi. aku ni dahla cepat cuak, bengong pulaktu. bila customer ramai terus bengong. kesian dekat manager aku kerana mempunyai pekerja bengong macam aku. #aku blur semaksimumnye tadi. blur tak cergas, tak cergas pulak. tsk tsk. series penat. sepenat-penat aku, manager-manager lagi penat kot. bila diorang makan? ikutkan dalam jadual aku OT 2jam, balik pukul 7 tapi aku taklarat nak balik lambat. lepas cukup keje 8 jam aku mintak balik. 

dan satu lagi, tadi #aku dah kasi surat resign. FINALLY. lepas tangguh, tangguh, dan tangguh... dtulis dengan tangan. lama gile tak menulis tangan. selalu menaip je kan... kalau pikir nak cari duit tu, sampai bila-bila pun taknak berenti keje, tapi aku kena reflek balik matlamat aku datang jauh-jauh ne. nak keje ke nak belajar? setengah orang boleh multitasking, wat banyak keja dalam satu masa tapi aku ni bukannye boleh multitasking sangat. jadi, aku pilih untuk belajar betul-betul masa aku final year ni... :"( 

ngantuk la pulak. tido jap. pukul 12 bangun masak megi goreng dengan minum air vico, lepastu siapkan buku log kaunseling. boleh? sila berdoa supaya aku terbangun lepasni. jangan jadi macam aritu. balik keje, bajet nak tido sekejap. tapi last2 membuta dan terbuta sampai ke pagi. time tu, dah nak kena siap-siap pegi keje balik. bengong tul...

20 October 2011

Takde Keserasian dengan Kamera. Nyah Kau!

aku baru balik daripada event Busana Muslimah. ala-ala Gadis Melayu, tapi versi UPM punye. peh kelasss sangat. sume pompuan lawa-lawa pakai dress/gaun labuh-labuh. panjang berjela gaunnye, rase nak pijak-pijak pun ade. haha. sume bacam bidadari dah. aku ni macam style2 kuli je kat situ tsk tsk. 

aku pegi sebab nak support classmate aku (merangkap kakak angkat dekat floor) Imah yang masuk bertanding! hip hip hurrey! aku sangat salut pada Imah sebab ada high level confident untuk masuk competition camni! weh ingat senang ke nak kena catwalk depan orang ramai? dahla pakai heels 8inci. 

aku adela ambik gambar 2-3 keping tapi macam haram! tak pakai flash gelap. pakai flash macam kabur pulak. geram gila! sebenarnya nak cakap, sepanjang aku pakai Kamera S**Y ni dekat 2 tahun dah, tapi still tak pandai-pandai nak adjust cahaya, setting scene sume. tangkap gambar tak pernahnye nak puas hati. aku pun taktau nak buat ape dah. tangan aku yang memang takde bakakt nak ambik gambar ke... memang kamera neh yang bengong? GERAM GILA PAHAM DAK? kalau aku duduk rumah tepi laut dahlama aku campak kamera ni kelaut.... takpelah. apepun kau layan jelah gambar yang tak berapa nak menjadi neh:

this is Imah! lawa kan. dah boleh masuk Gadis Melayu dahne...
*model nye dah pose meletops kebaboom, tapi kamera blackout semacam. padahal dah bukak flash. benciii!

time member aku tengah catwalk ni tetibe gambar kuar gelap pulak. boleh?

ape mende entah... kabur!!!

gelap pulak... dahla badan aku macam taiko-taiko kongsi gelap... tough lain macam...

kabur lagi. dasar kamera bengong! aku baru nak ambik gambar wanita cantik!!!

dekat-dekat nak abes, orang nak balik dah sume barula nak clear, cerah, sharp sume.  eee aku tak puas hati betul!!!

kesimpulannye aku geram gile ngan kamera aku neh. hidup pun wat perabihkan beras je. balik raya ni memang sah2la aku tinggal dekat rumah je. duduk cini pun macam tak bergune.... warghhhhh!!!