01 September 2019

After 2 Years...

Hello Blog.

How are you? You look really dusty. HEHE

My last blogpost is about South Korean Summer Trip on August 2017.

...and that was 2 years ago.

Since then, so many things happened.

On the same year, our family went to perform Umrah. It was one of the best moment in my life with my family. Allah blessing is countless that he let us all visit His place, together as a family. 

The next year, 2018.

The guy whom I’m in serious relationship asks for marriage (and I said yes!) and the whole year was all about the marriage process from merisik, engagement, and planning for the wedding. 

In between, I fly to South Korea, alone, again – specifically Jeju Island. Jeju is beautiful, but it was a funny (and silly) trip, I’ll elaborate later on blogpost (IF I HAVE TIME, LOL)

And earlier this year, on February I change my status from a Miss to a Mrs… 

by His will, I got married to a kind, humble man one could be. The whole process is smooth from the beginning and we have our family blessing, Alhamdulillah. In a short time we are husband and wife. 

Who would have known, that I’d found my life partner from here – my blog.  He's a reader. He knows me and get to know me after reading what I thought to be a piece of junk site LOL (ada lah jugak gunanya blog ni kan haha)

As saying, Allah’s plan is always the best.

I am thankful for what I have right now…
Not much, but more than enough.
Allah is very kind to me (and us all) despite our wrongdoings.

I really wish I could resume my writing, I miss this space so much.
Time will tell…

Salam Maal Hijrah everyone! 
and till next post, bye bye!


Nurafizah Roslan (fifie) said...

Alhamdulillah... Tahniah dah berkahwin..
Patutla senyap je blog ni.. Tunggu gak post terbaru. Nak cari inspire travel jalan mana.
Saya silent reader. Terjebak baca blog ni masa plan nak travel ke Perth.
Alhamdulillah dh berjaya ke Perth (2017) & Jeju (2018).

Tahun ni tak dapat travel lagi, anak dah Darjah1. Payah sikit nak cuti..haha.

Anyway tahniah ya.
Keep blogging..

Unknown said...

Geletek sampai mati...