31 December 2015

Welcome 2016

Finally 2015 has comes to end,
and I am truly blessed for whatever ups and downs I went through the whole year.

For every mistakes learnt, for all experience - good and bad, and for people around me who give life-lessons that I could not find anywhere.

New year psychologically gives us an 'excuse' to start over things positively.

As I got a veryyy long list of 2016 To-Do's and Resolutions, the only one I need to highlight (and to remind myself) here is, to watch out my spending

No more new shawl, jubah, dress, handbags, accessories and other unnecessary things - not until raya shopping! LOL. I think I have everything enough for now; that material, brands and trends only gives us temporary satisfaction. Why opt for expensive brand when you can get things with the same quality at cheaper price? And talking about trends - they change so fast at the blink of an eye. 

The thing is I just hate that everything has become very pricey nowadays *sigh

Till then, dream big and may all your dreams come true! 

Happy New Year!


cEro said...

Happy new year Syira :)

AsmidarTodt said...

Pernah juga qoute diri sendiri utk shawl, handbags, baju dan segala bagai kehendak yang mostly brands and trends only gives us temporary satisfaction...tapi....tak pernah berjaya. Semoga 2016 kuatlah nafsu dikekang oleh hati yang dan akal yang sedia berfungsi.

Salam kenal


Syira Mansor said...

Cero!!! Thanks sebab selalu jenguk blog syira. Happy new year to you too ;)

Syira Mansor said...

Jom kita buat bajet bulanan! Kita saving :D syira ad bc satu artikel, how to refrain ourself from buying things : think how much the thing could change us in the next 6 months. Kalau tak ada perubahan, ia tak berbaloi tak payah beli. Forget it.

Syira Mansor said...
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